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A. Meetings

i. Annual general meeting to be held no later than September 30th of each year.

ii. The regular society meeting will take place on the first Wednesday of each month at 7:00 p.m. at a predetermined location which will be announced at the previous meeting.

iii. In order for any official or special meeting to take place a minimum quorum of two members of the executive and other members totaling five must be present.

iv. Only members in good standing will have a vote in decisions of the operations of the club.

v. All voting shall be conducted by a show of hands or secret ballot as determined by the chairperson.

vi. Altering, rescinding and/or Adding Bylaws must be passed by a special resolution of the society members.

vii. Notice of an Official Meetings will be made 2 weeks in advance by newspaper &/or radio announcement.

viii. Notice of any special meetings will be communicated by way of telephone with at least 2 days notice.

B. Executive

i. Positions of the executive are as follows:

a. President – Responsible for the overall coordination of the day to day operations of the society. This individual must attempt to attend functions that will promote the society outside its membership. This position holder will be responsible to chair the meeting of the society and to place the deciding vote in the event of a tie.

b. Vice-President – Responsible for assisting the President in any function that is deemed necessary. This position will act as chairperson in the absence of the president. To assist other members of the executive in the performance of their duties.

c. Secretary/Treasurer – Responsible for preparing the agenda and recording and maintaining the minutes for society & director meetings. In a financial capacity this position holder will be responsible for maintaining a current and accurate list of accounts for the society. This information will be disclosed as per D below. This position holder will have custody of the society’s seal, which is to be used on contracts negotiated by the society. Any additional information, books or records of the society will be maintained by this position.

d. Director – Trail Development – This position holder will be responsible for coordinating trail development activities. This position holder shall act as liaison between the society and all concerned bodies.

e. Director – Special Projects – This person shall be responsible for coordinating all special events and projects undertaken by the society. This position holder shall act as liaison between the society and all concerned bodies.

ii. All terms of office for the executive will be no longer than one year unless re-elected at the Annual General Meeting.

iii. Prior to nominations; an Election Officer shall be selected by the membership at an Annual Meeting for the purpose of conducting the election only if more than one person is nominated for the said position.

iv. The Executive and Directors will be appointed by taking nominations, of members in good standing, at the annual general meeting followed by a vote for the above positions by secret ballot.

v. The removal of an executive officer(s) shall be conducted at a special meeting called by a petition signed by 51% of the membership. This meeting will be announced 2 weeks prior to being held and an announcement will be made in the local paper. The meeting must take place within 31 days of receipt of the petition to the executive. The removal of an officer(s) will only take place after a secret ballot has been cast.

vi. The position of the executive/director will be voluntary without remuneration.

vii. The directors can manage the affairs of the society.

C. Codes of Conduct

i. Members shall adhere to all laws governing the operation of off road vehicles; failure to comply with said laws shall result in suspension/expulsion from the club for a period of time or as decided by the executive.

ii. When representing the club all members shall conduct themselves so that the organization is portrayed positively at all times.

iii. No member shall solicit donations without consent of the executive.

iv. No member shall falsely represent the club or its executive.

v. Issues arising under Codes of Conduct will be addressed at the next regular meeting of the Society.

D. Club Financial Information

i. Signing authorities for the disbursement of funds from the bank account will be the Secretary/Treasurer and/or President and/or Vice-President.

ii. All disbursements of funds in excess of $500 must be authorized by a motion and passed at a regular or specially held meeting.

iii. Expenses $500 and under must be authorized by at least two members of the executive prior to the expense being incurred.

iv. An up-to-date financial report is to be included in the agenda of each regular meeting with the annual statement presented to the membership by January 31st of each year.

v. The society shall not have the authority to borrow funds unless an investment held by the club has been hypothecated in support of the debt.

vi. An audit of the society’s financial affairs will be conducted by an accountant appointed by the society at a regular meeting prior to March 31st of each year.

vii. The fiscal year end of the society shall be June 30th.

E. Insurance

i. The club shall carry a liability and general events policy in the amount of no less than one million dollars.

ii. All policy premiums will be kept current through the entire year.

Alberta Traffic Safety Act ------ Off Highway Vehicles
Town of High Level Off Highway Vehicle Bylaw
Mackenzie County Off Highway Vehicle Policies

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