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Why become a Member?

Membership in Watt Mountain Wanderers goes hand in hand with membership in the Alberta Snowmobile Association. Purchase an annual Trail Pass from the club and we throw in the Watt Mountain Wanderers membership for free!

  • The trail pass is valid on any Alberta Snowmobile Association Club trail in Alberta. Many of these trails cross private lands and the clubs have reached agreements with landowners to allow snowmobile access along the trail. Please remain on the trail and use respect.
  • The trail pass - Alberta Snowmobile Association membership - gives you a subscription to "Snoriders" magazine. This great little magazine offers new product reviews on Snowmobiles, Quads, SxS's, and gear. They have articles on interesting people in outdoor powersports and great destination write ups and information.
  • The trail pass - Alberta Snowmobile Association membership - gives you access to group offers and discounts.
  • The trail pass - Alberta Snowmobile Association membership - helps out with educational programs.


Here’s where your money goes:

Club Trail Operation and Development.

Funds are used for expenses ranging from fuel and insurance, equipment repair and signage, maintenance, bulldozing, grading, brushing and clean up. The revenue even finances groomers.

Approximately 75% of the trail pass revenue benefits the club where you ride…. “Buy Where You Ride”

The remainder is invested into the Alberta Snowmobile Association -
Revenue received by the ASA is reinvested in a broad range of provincial programs to promote safe and environmentally responsible recreational snowmobiling, to provide strong leadership and support to member snowmobile clubs and set policies and strategies for the development of a system of safe trails. Programs are developed to benefit clubs and members alike. The remainder sustains the ASA itself.

What does it cost?

A trail pass should be purchased each season for each sled that rides the trails.

Season Pass $70.00 until Dec 31 $80.00 afterwards

Day Pass $20.00

Participants in Club Sponsored Trail Riding Events must hold a valid ASA trail pass, insurance, and registration.

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